Shining Force CD intro...

Ok, just burned me a copy of Shining Force CD for the SCD and when the intro plays, the narrator is off sync by up to 7 seconds in some parts. My question: is this normal, or a product of a bad ISO rip? If it is an ISO problem, does this affect gameplay later in the game, or is it limited only to the intro?
If the syncing gets progressively worse as the intro goes along, it could be that you are using a PAL system to play a NTSC game. This is caused by the intro running slower thanks to the lower frequency of a PAL signal but the music playing at the same speed since it's coming directly from the CD.

But if you're using an NTSC system to play Shining Force, and the synching is constant. It's most likely the absence of a 2 second pregap, or the addition of an extra 2 second pregap. Just simply re-burn it if that is the case.