Shining force III: save the refugees!


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In SF3, when you have to save the refugees, what is the best aproach at this. I get durantes to hit the switch, but then i always loose 1 or 2 refugees. Is it vital to save them all? I have checked gamefaqs but they don't go into great detail about this.
IIRC, you don't need to save all of least one must survice though. Generally though, I just kept moving them as far away as possible while my faster troops moved in.
Normally, you should be able to get Dantares, Synbios, Julian, and Obright over the tracks before the train gets by. Supposedly, it's also possible to get Masquirin over in time as well...

Really, all you can do is make sure that you've got Dantares running straight at the enemies (Synbios usually right in tow), and that you take the refugees back as far away from the knights as possible. With a little bit of luck, you can attract the single knight to come after Dantares... the snipers follow right behind him. Swing him and Synbios around past them to block off the refugees, and pray a bit.


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Ah, very good to know. So long i gots one left huh? cause i have tried to save them all like 10 times and i keep doing like 1 little thing different and screwing something up. Off to the ol' saturn.
You can let them get killed.. you'll be able to procced...

If you save all of them, you get 50 points of experience for all your party members, you will also gain access to a great sword in sc3, as one of those guys will offer synbios a sword, if you let him live of couse

i've been able to save all 5 with only dantares between the tracks... don't ask me how, but i've made it 2 times. Just pray that the knight attacks you..
Saving the refugees involves restarting that battle several times.

Basically, ALL your movements must be perfect, and it takes some trial and error in the beginning. Haivng a memory cart, so you can have multiple saves helps a lot too.

I can't give details, but you need to get Dantares, Symbios, Julian and Obright to the other side of the track and hit the switch. All characters needs to go straight against the enemies there (it takes a bit of luck here too, since sometimes the knights will choose to attack the refugees instead of your guys. A good trick is to try to get Julian the closest as possible to the enemies. Since he's a "hero", the enemies will attack him with maximum priority.

Take care of leveling up a bit, since the enemies between tracks can kick Julian's arse if he's not strong enough.

As the refugees, you need to move them in an almost exact path. Some of them have a shorter movement range than others, and you need to take that in account. Also, their leader has a healing herb and 13 HP, so he can survive two hits. I never managed to save them all without getting him attacked. So try to use him as a shield for the other refugees.

Also, you *need* to get all refugees to cross the track, otherwise, the ones that don't *will* die.
Just so you know, it's a lot easier to do in two tries, too...

On the first try, instead of rushing the baddies after flipping the lever, run up to the two rocks on that side of the track. The one closest to the refugees will have a Gale Ring in it, if I'm not mistaken. The battle is a lot easier when one of your characters has 5 more defense and agility.