Shining Force: Weird Items

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Good for you but you still should not call people names when all they seek information no matter how foolish the question or how ignorant that person may be. You may know alot, I do not doubt that but you still should never call someone names or insult them because of a stupid question. Think about that for alittle while then reply.

Chill josephinfinite3,

No one was trying to call you names, nor should you be commenting on a picture in the profile, if you want to banter like this, do it through Private Messages and keep the board clean.

Shining Force and Shining Force II were released for the sega genesis. As far as begging for a rom, you want get anywhere here, but the emulator I would reccomend is either Gens ( or Kega ( (Kega is made by the talented Steve Snake). Both these emulators run both roms at nearly 100% compadibility and the only changes they may make at runtime is switching your video card to 16 colors temporarily and then switching it back once the emulator exits.

You should be able to find the roms yourselve searching for shining force 2 rom on any search engine but you won't get them immediately here by anything close to begging.

Anyway, that should answer your questions. Keep personal fighting to Private Messages.

Sorry I am just stressed out lately because I have 8 projects due plus I have to go to work which leaves me zero time for myself. You can understand why I come across as an idiot who is only looking for a fight my apologies to anyone who took offence.

P.S. thanks for the info EDGE-