Shinobi X Videoclips, how to change cpk files in imagefile

I found out that the video sequences in japanese version are better and more fluid than europe Shinobi version.

Because there are subtitles in europe version, probably they reencoded the videos.

I want to delete the europe videos from an ISO-file and replace them with the japanese videos (*.cpk files)

I tried out UltraISO application, but no success. With other applications also no success.

It would be great if someone can tell me how to change the video files. Because the european Shinobi version is the best one.

(Also I was finding out differences between ShinobiX/Shinobi Legions and Shin Shinobi Den.

The music in Europe-version (Shinobi X) is better than the older music in JAP and US versions.

At the Euro Cover you can read that this Shinobi version has remixed music.)

ps. get my Hi-Saturn and V-Saturn bios files on my homepage. I dumped them last year.


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I don't have the game but there is the possibility to put all the files on your hdd and extract the ip.bin then rebuild the iso with mkisofs.

Well it's easy to say :) for sure there are more work to do.