I really enjoyed games like Radiant Silvergun & Thunderforce V, and I was looking for some similar games. I'd appreciate it very much if someone could hook me up with a list of shooters, and mabey also a rating (on 1-10 scale or whatever) so I know which ones to look for first.

hmmm... overall which had more scrolling shooters, genesis or saturn?

...funny thing is. back in the early 90's when my genesis was in full effect the only schumps i remember playing on it were air busters and musha
Darius Gaiden. Most underrated shooter on the Saturn.

Layer Section II also totally rocks...
Soukyugurentai -Japanese import shooter where you could use the analog controller.-(Innovative)

Don Pachi and Dodonpachi- Standard shoot'em up chaos shooters w/ great gfx.

Metal Black - Taito side-scrolling shooter with great sound and gfx.-(Rasterized, but grainy textures though)

Blast Wind - Technosoft's awesome vertical shooter with crazy speed!-(Rare and hard to find.)
i've only played the arcade version of darius gaiden

any major differences between that and the saturn version?

and yes, i really want to get the saturn version because i love the background music

how about a list of saturn exclusive schumps?

the only one i can think of is radiant silvergun
Thanks God there is too many good shooters for the Sega Saturn:


Strykers 1945 I & II

Dompachi & Dodompachi

Galatic Attack (aka Layer Section I)

Battle Garegga

Kimgdom Granprix

Sengoku Aces

Among others...