Should I buy this?

I went on a game shopping run today. Here are my choices:

GameStop has N64 systems bundled with all the power and AV cords, one controller, clean. For $19.

(sounds tempting, but no games are included) They are selling Super Mario 64 for $21.50. That seems kind of expensive. I wish I could decide if it is worth it.

The N64 has a few titles I may be interested in: Super Mario 64, Excite BIke, Zelda. But that is about it. And all of those games are over $20 at the store. And I already have enough systems to collect for...

So should I buy it? Would you?

I should add... they had Dreamcast systems in the same bin (with cables and 1 controller) for $29. It bugged me, but I already have 2 of them. I almost got the DC keyboard for $5, but I never use it, and it would take up alot of space.
That is pretty good (for the 64). But the games are too expensive IMO. Try ebay, thats your best bet for games. As for the DC, i would get it. I need a new one anyways. I would also get the keyboard. Use it for quake or just to add to your collection of gaming stuff.
Hmmmm... Buy the system but get the games elsewhere?

I am worried I have too many systems. Is the N64 really worth it? I sold off my Bally Astrocade because I didn't have enough space. I really need a strong recommendation to buy a N64.
I think there are more games worthy of buying than just those 2. If you like platformers then there are plenty. ones like Donkey cong country, Conkers bad fur day is a must have, mario of course, and many more. Dont forget Zelda. Theres also a great amount of multiplayer games. Like mario kart, perfect dark is good, road rash 64, smash bros, and a whole lotta others.
You forget that newer and better incarnations of many of the games you mentioned are out there and are alot more worthwhile (Eg: Road rash, smash bros and soon to be mario kart)

Sure the old ones are great, but for someone who doesnt have a level of nostagia to base buying the games on, it would be a useless spending of money.

I paid $70 2 years ago for the original phantasy star for master system. Sure I got the original gamethat started out my favorite series, but could i bare o play it? No way.
wow. you're probably right. I never really got into nintendo. I didn't even really like the demo kiosk of N64 back in the 90's. I was just envious of the "best of n64" games. So, I wonder if there are good approximations of those games for the Dreamcast which I already own.
Road rash has a newer version than the 64? I hope your not talking about any psx version. I suppose your right, but playing them is a matter of opinion. Look at everyone on here, don't they still play there classic sega games on their classic sega consoles. They just don't strictly stick to the newest system. I still play my 64 all the time. But, if your not into the 64 really then i guess don't get it.

The only game i mentioned that has a BETER version is Smash Bros. The only other newer version is Mario sunshine, and Mario kart. Just cause mario sunshine is newer doesn't make it better, its a quality game but i still beleive Mario 64 is a better game. As for mario kart, only time will tell. The only other game i mentioned that will have a newer PORT is Conker for xbox. Oh yeah and Zelda, But the zelda games on 64 are still just as good if not better than the Windwaker.
I would definately pick up the n64
The n64 was always loads of fun...

Bomberman, Zelda, Mischief Makers, Bond, Perfect Dark...

Zelda is reason to pick it up on its own!

19 is a pretty good deal... check ebay too

As for the dreamcast keyboards, every GameStop + Software etc around me has em' going for 1.99 or less
I picked up some spares to mess with.
The n64 doesn't have a massive amount of great games, but the games there are make up for it by being fantastic. To be honest, I'd say spending $50/60 to get a system with Mario 64, Excitebike 64 and Ocarina of Time alone would be well worth it (I'm estimating by UK prices here, they might be more expensive over there). They'll give you a hell of a lot of enjoyment.
BTW, Ocarina of Time (and maybe majoras mask aswell) are going to be available on the cube. (saw this on Gamespot)
Originally posted by CrazyGoon@Jun 19, 2003 @ 06:37 AM

BTW, Ocarina of Time (and maybe majoras mask aswell) are going to be available on the cube. (saw this on Gamespot)

Ocarina of Time is. It was the free disk offered to people that pre-ordered Windwaker. It also included the Master's quest that was originally only made for the N64 DD(Disk Drive)

I hope Majora's Mask is also!
The Ocarina of Time port has it's upsides and it's downsides.. The control is a bit off for me, but the crisper graphics are welcome (the n64's video quality is definately it's worst point).

It'd be cool if Nintendo made a habit of the whole bonus disk thing.. The 64DD version of F-Zero X with the track editor would be amazing
I still have a question!!! Is there really a Newer Road Rash than the 64 version? I know theres Road Rash Jail break and another PSX one. But is there a newer one that I have not heard of?