i had no idea that it's been ported to the d.c.

the pc version's excellent however

and i really like c64 music

so, doubly cool

now let's all play the chicken song
It's among the best DC homebrew so far

I was sat listening to Crazy Comets last night and enjoying a warm, nostalgic glow

I hope BigBoy continues work on his C64 emulator for DC...
this is awsome! anything C64 ported is -- i wish i had a burner that could make this disk playable on my DC

how close does it sound to the C64 itself
Originally posted by googlefest1@Jan. 06 2003, 7:49 pm

how close does it sound to the C64 itself

Can't speak for the DC version, but the PC version of Sidplay is very close to a real SID on most tunes. On others (eg. the ones by PVCF) it fails miserably though they too sound better than a few versions ago.
The main difficulty in emulating the SID being the analog filters...and resonance. Mostly resonance.
The SID had this unique sound where, if you went too far with resonance, the sound would start bubbling and crackling but in a very cool way. Best example I can think of is the Alien tune from Final Synth II (a compilation of ripped game tunes, I think). Also, I've yet to hear a nice rendition of Theatre Europe... Whew. Maybe it's time the SID programmers create some kind of a fuzzy-logic/random resonance thing.