I just played Silpheed for the first time in years. Its still awesome. It plays better on my computer with better visuals and sound than it ever had on my tv. oh well enough nastalgia.

I remember using a code for invincibility to get to the end of this game. Does anyone still have this code?

Plus, I remember that a huge laser killed me at the end of the game, even with the code. Has anyone ever beat this impossible game? Any help would be .... helpful. thanks.
I beat it without codes ... You have a time to kill the ship before it blasts the laser in the middle of the screen ... You run out of time and you're history. That's it ... Choose a good attack option weapon and you must be able to do it.

Good luck !
I like the third main wep most ... but in some stages you are required to choose the auto-aim one (that's the fourth one) and you better have both auto aim on the factory stage, or else you know ... lol ! those dam barriers ...