Sixers win!


Mid Boss
How bout them sixers, eh? Man! Hot game!

It's been a painful season to watch them (not like 7 years ago of course...) but it's awesome to see them playing somewhat like last year.

I still think that Boston is gonna win game 5 and pull out of the east and play the Los Angeles (where I am) Lakers in the finals, ahh that would be nice, to rekindle the rivalry..... the one I wasn't old enough to understand when I was a wee lad in the 80's.
Raptors lost

Oh well.... Go Leafs Go!
Sixers lost, and Paul Pierce is amazing. As well as Walker.

They say you can't win in the playoffs if you play the 3-ball, however nailing 19 lends me to believe that that rule will be overturned shortly.

How do you defend the three??? Ugh.

Anyway, Lakers and Celtics, so it looks like. It'll be a lousy series though, with Pierce/Walker vs. Fisher and Fox... Celtics don't play in the paint so probably won't see much Shaq/Kobe action.

Good series!