Smart ftp


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In smart ftp, is there anyway to resume downloads. I ask because in one certian ftp there is a 512 mb game compressed in one rar! I dunno what the person was thinking when they uplaoded that, but most likely i will not be able to get it done in one day and will need to resume, so how do i in smart ftp?
I'm not familiar with SmartFTP, but there should be two ways to do it:

1. Start downloading the file as you normally would. If/when it asks you where to download to, browse to your partial copy of the file... it should present you with some sort of dialog asking whether to resume or to overwrite.

2. If that doesn't help and it automatically overwrites the partial file and starts from zero, check your settings in the options menu. It might be set to not ask you and instead just start over...

Hope this helps.
well, 512mb are not *that* problem for connections better than 56k modems

Why don't you add the file to a download manager? I use ws_ftp for searching into the ftps and getright for downloading (though ws_ftp can resume downloads).