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Hey guys, I downloaded SMEG, and SegaGEN (man... I knew the Smash Pack audio was gonna be bad... but HOLY #$%!! that is very low quality! It's the MegaDrive with a SMS sound chip (or NES)) yesterday, I whenever I play a game in SMEG (Phantasy Star), part of the games goes off the screen into the bottom. I also remember booting another game, and it had the Sega logo (like MegaDrive) and it wasn't in the center of the screen! It was down a bit. This is weird. I guees it reads it as PAL or something....
Cloud, if u want ppl to respond to yer question, ya might wanna post yer question. would help
Compare the velocity (smoothness) of the game with the original or pc emulated, to know if it's a bug with the video or if the game is actually running in pal.