SMS roms on Game Doctor

Ok, another simplistic theory.

I can convert BIN files to MGD files and run them on a Game Doctor. Cool.

I hear SMS games can also be played on the Game Doctor, as if it were a master system convertor. Damn, I already sold all of my old SMS games. So I can't test it.

Theory: Could a Master System rom be converted to MGD format and run on a Game Doctor connected to a genesis?

I know it sounds silly, but has anyone tried this (looking in Arakon's direction) ?


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I'm not an expert but from what I've read you'd, at the very least, need a way of forcing the MD into SMS mode. I would imagine there'd be issues of mapping the memory in the GD to the correct addresses for any SMS software.
Cool. Thanks.

ok, then let me back up. Has anyone actually played a master system game on the Game Doctor? Can you just plug in the cart like you would with a master system convertor for the Genesis?