Snatcher for Saturn patched with English dub from Megacd WIP by ShadowMask


Gear Supporter
Thanks for posting this, @Mr^Burns. This is a very early test to see if, with a little audio editing, the SCD CD audio could be made to work with the Saturn (and presumably other similar versions.)

I'm currently looking for someone to assist with extracting and replacing ADPCM audio binary from an unknown data format. That's been a big wall for me. It could require some scripting to extract. I haven't been able to import this particular ADPCM audio used for common dialogue properly with the tools I've tried, but it could be that some audio editor I don't know of can.

The CD audio is potentially doable with a little editing, although from what I'm told there will likely be audio in the saturn version for which no english source exists on the SCD version. Still, I think it could be worth putting in the time to make as much of it work as possible, as the only issue in this intro was timing, which was easy to fix with some multitrack editing. I'm humble, though. This video should not be taken as proof that the project is underway or even viable as an individual effort.