Snatcher help

I recently bought snatcher for the PC Engine. I had heard there were lots of text dumps so I wasn't worried that I wouldn't be able to play the game. I got the game today and tried to play... boy was I shocked. The text dumps are sorta useless to me. Urgh... seems to random. Sooooo, Since snatcher was released on the sega CD, I figured I'd ask here:

Does anyone know where I could get a detailed walkthrough that explains what the hell is going on in the scene, as well as what all the buttons do? I know that sounds like a tall order, but I am really stuck here.

Mhh.. sorry pal, the text dumps will be useless for you. And, no there is no walktrhough detailing everything, just one that tells you what to select.

You will have to wait until it is translated, but as a matter of fact, the only Snatcher text dump I've not done yet, is the PCE one.
Yes, it is the same for the PC engine, thing is that he needs to know which of those japanese strings stands for "Search->Corpse"

I have played it like that, but I already knew the game. I recommend you don't play it like that and wait for a while....