I'm at the shooting scene where you fight the insectors for the second time (in the air duct after the hospital.) I keep on getting wasted? Any advice?

P.S. I'm using Gens to play the game, not an actualy Sega CD.
That's an easy ass scene... took me 2 tries. The scene in the very end in the church with the flying insectors... lets just say that i lost a good controller and 20 dollars cause of that scene.
That last scene IS hard. I did it on my second try (god knows how) and I've never done it since.
Me advise is to spend a lot of time in the shooting range. The highest difficulty there is fun. I did just that, and passed all the shooting scenes on one try except the last one. I took one more shot than was necessary
, but got it right on the second try. Also, as for not wasting bullets, save it for the shooting range. Shoot as fast as you can, there is no punishment for missed shots.
I had a hard time shooting, but I don't think I had the same problem as you. I couldn't shoot any of the diagonals. I assumed that it was that my cheap keyboard wouldn't send more than 2 key combinations, so I got a new keyboard and now it works.
Ok, you're crazy, because he/she said that he/she is using Gens, not an actual SCD.