So i'm an idiot!

So i'm an idiot!

So i dont know how to write a good cue file, and the copy i have has it as a mode 1 2048 and i know thats wrong, i burned it and tried to run it and and and and.... i'm this close to the light wing dragon!!!!
So i'm an idiot!

I downloaded it as a Bin/Cue but the cue must be wrong, it wont work in a saturn and i've never seen a 2048 saturn game before.. THis is what the cue looks like


TRACK 01 MODE1/2352

INDEX 01 00:00:00


PREGAP 00:02:00

INDEX 01 55:03:07


INDEX 00 55:11:72

INDEX 01 55:13:71


INDEX 00 56:45:47

INDEX 01 56:47:46

Edit:: i used nero burning rom, and it says this isn't a good format for burning, so i used BIN CHUNKER and then burned that, ISO and wavs, no good either
So i'm an idiot!

Maybe this is a dumb question, but where does the 2048 track come into it? The cue sheet refers to a 2352 track.

I can check it against my one later today, but it looks OK to me.

Could you explain things further?
So i'm an idiot!

Sorry about that thats the copy i edited the orignal is the same with the 2048 instead of 2352= neither copy will play in a saturn
So i'm an idiot!

Burning as iso/wav will work fine - I did that - if you re-create the cuesheet using Sega Cue Maker. Do not use the cuesheet that came with the bin image to burn the iso/wav files.

And yes, Binchunker will extract a 2048-byte-per-sector ISO from the BIN.
So i'm an idiot!

Unless something has changed, I believe Binchunker adds two second gaps of silence to the start of the audio tracks. This may or may not worry you.

I don't think CDmage does. There's a bit more work to it but I think it's worth it.