Soldering w/Wires

Jaded God

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I have read that I should tin the tips of the wires meaning add solder to the wires... before soldering to the point on a board *Joint*.. Is this true? Then I have heard that I should heat the joint or point on the board and apply solder... then touch the wire to it and apply heat from the iron... That doesn't sound to right.. How can I hold all 3 things in my hand at once? Why not just heat the joint and use the soldering iron to hold down the wire and apply solder? Isnt that the better way?
Yes, you should tin and wires before attempting to solder them to something else. When tinning I tend to lay the soldering iron down on the bench, place the end of wire to be tinned on the tip and then apply the solder to the wire, not the tip.

The reason you should use the solder on the wire rather than on the tip is to make sure that the whole join has reached a high enough temperature to bond properly.

If you only heat the solder, the wire may still be too cool and the joint may be faulty.

You can buy all sorts of clips and stands and stuff to assist when you don't have enough hands, but I don't have any of those, I just manage to juggle it all somehow.