Some help with Corpse Killer (cd/32x)

OK... I just got a sealed version of Corpse Killer for the CD/32X that I bought off e-bay.

(this is a master, and I'm using a US CD/32X combo)

The CD is in great shape, but I can't play it.

Sega CD sees it and starts the game... but shortly into the intro movie, just after the first corpse is killed and the man starts climbing the tree, the movie freezes for 0.5 of a sec then shoots to the main menu, where it freezes right after the screen "seperates".

I've tried making a copy (hoping that the newer hardware would see the data the right way and copy that over to a new CD) but my copy does the same thing. The CK CD is in great shape, not a mark anywhere.

Any ideas... are we talking a corupted file from when the CD was made... or is there something wrong with my system? (it plays the 32X version of Fahrenheit perfectly)

Thank you once again for any input about this.

OK... it seems that the games was acting like this because I had a controller in the "Player 2" port. Once removed the game seems to run fine.

All I would like someone to do now is comfirm that the intro movie ends just after that guy climbs the tree. If this is so then I've got a working copy, if not, then I should contact the seller on e-bay about exchange.