Some nice emu news


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Apart from the fact that the first MAME in ages is out (supporting Sengoku Blade finally
), there's a work-in-progress pages from Satourne and Nebula (Model 2) with lots of nice new screenshots to have a gander at.

Just thought I'd let you know
I kept meaning to ask but never quite got around to it...

Has anyone tried the test release of Nebula that supports a couple of Model 2 games?
i just tried the newest one, the one that supports textures. it's really good, i get very smooth fps, and few graphical glitches. It might be hard to run it on other computers, i tried it on three different computers and all of them crash after loading.
I didn't realise that there had been a newer release.

Which games are supported now?

I'm asking because my PC wouldn't have any hope of running it so I'm not even trying.
check the nebula official website, the link to the updated model 2 emulator is there. There are more games in the list, now there is Last Bronx and Indy 500.