Somebody anybody come quick shes dying

I need some help with my sega saturn,

The problem is the disk does not spin round and when i do it manually with my finger it is touching the actual saturn itself - ive had a little tiny look inside as i keep my saturn open a lot (lost the screws :p) but i would b greatful if anybody could help me or anything like that - thanx buh bye now

PS - its coming up with disk drive empty on the Music CD loader - just thought that might help :D


PPS - i havent used it for quite a while and the last time i did use it - it did work without hitch,yet again just some more info in case someone actually comes to help :( :( :(

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Its touching the saturn when you try and rotate it manualy? Sounds like your disk drive has been pushed down, that is, if im interpreting what your saying correctly. If that is the case then just pry the top of the drive up higher with a butter knife or something, I had to do the same thing once with my model 1 saturn.
you will probably find the black plastic surrond of the lesn assembly has come uncliped from the drive

take the top cover off, and remove the plastic, see if it works, if so, put the piece back on and see if it clips back down fully, then try it again

if it all works, put it back together, if not, see if you can see anything else catching on the disk
ok ladz thanx for the quick reply and ure suggestions were both what i thought it would b - EXCEPT i forgot to mention :( - its not even trying to spin around in the furst place :(:(,

and then when i do with my finger - then it also feels like it is touchin the black casing mentioned above

If u have any more tips id b very happy to hear them

Try checking the ribbon cable between the CD assembly and the main board. Pull it out and plug it in again.
i did that - it didnt work :( :( i really do think my trust saturn of 5 years has bit the dust :( :(

EDIT !: - please dont hesitate to try and help me though if u still have an idea - :D

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That happened to me and my mod-chip. The ribbon cable thing, make sure it's not bent too much AWAY from the board. If it is, it won't be able to make contact with the cd board, and therefore the CD won't spin. Push it towards the cd drive.
Throw it at a wall: It might knock whatever is wrong back in place or it might knock another thing out of place: You've got a 50-50 chance :biggrin:

My real suggestion is make sure the ribbon cable is facing the right way and that all the contacts are lined up. Also see if there is anything wrong on the cable, cause if there is you can order a new cable from