somebody asked for this

I forgot about that, I just sent him an e-mail, he was a nice guy :/

Hope he's still around.

EDIT: Strike that out, his e-mail addy doesn't exist anymore.
What a mother
, he would have been better off he never was told, if it was just a simple black out death. Very sad story, I like reading a post though where there isn't any arguing, seems rare now
Originally posted by mal@Aug. 22 2002, 4:00 am

rvddx's last post was on Feb. 06 2002, 2:32 pm.

Curiously there is now a user by the name of SegaXtreme User RVDDX, joined on Aug. 05 2002, 12:42 pm and has posted twice.

What's in a name?

That is a good observation, mal. The IP's of both usernames are from the same ISP, so there is a good chance that they're the same person.
Just read the deleted topic, damn that is sad

I wish SegaXtreme User RVDDX would hurry and tell us whether it is him.

It is nice to see an sx topic without any arguing
, though I must admit I have taken part in some of the said arguing