Somebody released a ODE for NeoGeo CD last year


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  • Load existing and future games from an SD or microSD card
  • Loading speed is 4 times faster on average (compared to 1x CD drive)
  • Menu with Cheats, DIP-switch and region settings
  • Backup and restore saves to the SD card
  • Can co-exist with the original CD drive
  • Non-destructive installation
  • No more scratched CDs and dead lasers
  • Easy firmware updates
  • Debug your game without having to burn 100 CDs
It could be called an ODE (Optical Drive Emulator) because the benefits are similar, but technically speaking it isn't really one. It doesn't simulate an optical drive. It provides the console with a direct interface to an SD card and patches the BIOS to load games from it instead. From an user standpoint though, the functionality is the same !"

Official site: NeoGeo CD SD Loader

Old news but highly overlooked.