Somebody released a ODE for NeoGeo CD last year


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  • Load existing and future games from an SD or microSD card
  • Loading speed is 4 times faster on average (compared to 1x CD drive)
  • Menu with Cheats, DIP-switch and region settings
  • Backup and restore saves to the SD card
  • Can co-exist with the original CD drive
  • Non-destructive installation
  • No more scratched CDs and dead lasers
  • Easy firmware updates
  • Debug your game without having to burn 100 CDs
It could be called an ODE (Optical Drive Emulator) because the benefits are similar, but technically speaking it isn't really one. It doesn't simulate an optical drive. It provides the console with a direct interface to an SD card and patches the BIOS to load games from it instead. From an user standpoint though, the functionality is the same !"

Official site: NeoGeo CD SD Loader

Old news but highly overlooked.
According to some people who have tested this SD , some games don't work on SD card like Samurai Shodown RPG doesn't work, ie you have to play it on the original CD drive yourself.

Now the most interesting thing besides fixing this problem to run this game on SD would be to run the MVS games on SD or even burn them on CD media to run on Neo Geo CD, since on Neo Geo AES SD it is possible to run NeoCD games smoothly, so maybe I can do the same as MVS/AES to run on Neo Geo CD too.

Some time ago there was a group that made some conversions from MVS to NEO GEO CD, but with many bugs and animation frame breakage and missing some songs. They gave up on continuing the project, but maybe someone good at programming would want to continue that and create a program to do these MVS to Neo Geo CD conversions so that it runs the games perfectly on the console.
Just to chime in, this device has seen a TON of firmware updates during its lifetime. Some friends of mine have been using it since launch and almost all of them say it's 100% stable now. One of them still has problems, but he says he hasn't tested in a while, so it's hard to say how accurate that claim is.

That being said, one thing I've been told is that part of the instability/incompatibility issues stemmed from streaming data from the SD card too quickly. As a result, each firmware update saw tweaks in that department which have greatly increased load times from the speediness that this device originally offered. That's not to say this is a bad thing, as it's still a wonderful product and load times are still better than when using an actual disc.