Someone put up a tg-16 backup unit on ebay?

The guy is asking for $500 via buy it now, sounds pretty expensive, don't know if it's worth it, don't have that much money to spend anyhow lol. Says he made it himself, anyone know if there's instructions for this on the net? Or maybe a place that sells these things at a cheaper rate.
While it may certainly be a fully functional unit, I'd really hesitate to call anything homemade "collectable". I wouldn't spend anywhere NEAR $500 on this, unless it were an official dev. kit or something.
Definitely. I've not seen too many mass-produced copiers - only ones I know of are the Super Magc Griffin (I think that's the name, not 100% sure) and the MGD2. Tototek sells Bung Doctor GB flash carts hacked into PC Engine / TG16 flash carts, though.
site..... soooo..... slow....
lol, will check it out eventually tho, thanks for the info man.
Which one? PCEngine 4M Flash Card for GB Xchanger, Use to emulate Real Hu-Card, or PCEngine Backup Card for GB Xchanger Use to backup Hu-Card to Rom Image file, or both? If the 4M one, is there an 8M one available elsewhere? How exactly does it work? The website is missing these details, is the company reliable? Thanks for everything.
I haven't bought from Tototek, but I've been told that the guy who runs it is okay. There's mention of an 8Mb PCE card on the front page, you might want to email asking about it. And it would be the "PCEngine 4M Flash Card for GB Xchanger, Use to emulate Real Hu-Card". The other one is an adapter for dumping HuCards through the GBX. AFAIK, how it works is you plug the GB end into a Bung GBX and use the software available on that page to write it, then plug it into your TG16/PCE and run it.
Would I be able to use the Flash Linker sold at lik-sang instead of a GB Xchanger? Sorry for all the questions, thanks for helping me out man.
Well, assuming you're talking about the Flash Advance Linker, I don't see how it could be made to work without significant mods. The supply voltages are not the same between the GB and GBA hardware, and I don't think the EPP protocol is quite the same between the GBX and FAL either, though they might be similar enough that the software still works.