Someone with a Satellite / ST-Key and multimeter


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Could someone with access to an ST-Key or Satellite cartridge please open it up, and if it contains a pair of 32-pin flash chips, tell me where pins 22, 24, and 31 are routed?
I open my ST-Key and see 2 chips inside.

first is a 20 pins chips ref : palce16v8H-25 (...)

second is a 40 pins eprom (i believe it is) ref : am27c1024 (...)

I believe it is an eprom because of the little 'window' on the top. I can see 12.75V pgm written on it, does it mean it is an eeprom ?


(...) means there are more number after, I don't know if they're significant
Yeah, 27C series is an EPROM. For a 40-pin EPROM, I'd be looking for pins 2 and 20 (which in all likelihood are run to the PAL). It's odd that there's a PAL on a single-memory cart. Does that cart have a comms port or anything else noteworthy?
pin 17 and 18 of the PAL on my st-key. no ports or anything, just eprom + PAL.

funny it's an eprom there, not even a prom.
That's just weird; the only reason I can think of to use a PAL in there would be if the SCU actually doesn't provide pre-decoded chip select and read/write signals...