Something to copy games to cds ?

I seen a weird thing on ebay for genesis .. i forgot the name .. but the guy didnt put any description for it .. just said if u know what this thing for, bid .. if not .. then dont bid.

It was about 34 dollars last time I checked.

I searched the net and found out that this thing copies genesis carts on disks (means blank cds or what ?????) .. and that next time u can play the game without the cart.

So this means dont have to worry about the ultra rare imports that friends have.

I was gonna bid on it but I wanted to ask about it .. who has info .. and also it said that no hookups goes with the system .. so I want to know what I need to run this system
it's called a backup unit. there's several of them and they're hard to get.

the main problems are the size of ram (should be 32 mbit, otherwise you're rather limited in what you can play) and the fact that you usually have to spread the roms onto several floppy discs.. and those take ages to be read. one or two copiers also have a printer port connector for fast uploading, tho.
depends on which unit it is, and the price. if it's 32 mbit, yes. if it's 16 mbit, depends on what you want to play on it.. if it's below 16 mbit, hell no.
the problem is it doesnt say anything about it on the auction and he doesnt respond to emails ..

anyway .. what is this unit called ?
Since you didn't post a pic or a link to the unit in question, it's difficult to say with any certainty.

I know of at least two Genny backup units, The Multi Game Hunter and the Super Magic Drive.

There are probably more, but someone who is more familiar with backup units than me could tell you for sure.
usually all they need is a power supply.

make sure it comes with the cart adapter, tho (a part that goes between the cartslot and the copier), on some copiers that's a seperate part (and damn near impossible to get seperately, btw).
If i ever get one of thse units i'll RE it and work out producing them for all you guys

Charles MacDonald has done some significant RE work on the SMD, which can be found at his page. I wouldn't recommend basing a new design on that though, since it uses obsolete components and at least one PLD that probably isn't worth the effort to dump. It also requires SMS/Mark 3 mode (not present on the Majesco "Genesis 3"), but that's not as much of a problem to fix.

I've been working on a flash cart design on and off for the past year or so, but lack of money to throw at the project has kept me from developing it as far as I'd like to.