Sonic CD Beta Music

I managed to download Sonic CD Beta but there is no music! I was wondering if anyone could tell me where I can download it from.

Thanks for reading

the web site you gave wont let you downlaod any thing!!! mabye i might be doing this wrong but every time i tryed to downlaod the sonic cd beta, it gave me a 404 file not found erroe, please help...
To download from el portal:

-download & install getright

-then in configuration->advanced->protocols change "User Agent" to Mozilla/4.0 and set "Send Referer to http requests" to "generated from the download URl"

-disable the click monitor in general->monitor; but keep clipboard monitor on

-disable any other download manager and click monitor software (you can activate them later when you finish what I'm explaining)

-start IE or NS communicator 4.7 (not all browsers work with this, like opera)

-enter the site like you would donwload the files with the browser

-when a window pops up and then it lets you download with the browser, cancel the download and check in the window the link "click here if your download does not start" (or something like that)

-right click with your mouse and copy that link

-paste it in getright

-start to download, now you have "hacked" elportal's webhost :)

-repeat the process with every file you want to download from elportal or similar sites

-return to your "normal life" :)

the "trick" here is to play with the "protocols" settings, and remember that the URLs shown in elportal are "traps" set by the webhost to avoid people to download with their download managers

There is a lot of cool stuff in elportal, so I think some of you can take advantage of this :)