sonic cd jap experimentH

I tried this little swap technique after burned the jap version of sonic cd. When i started up the us version of sonic cd i opened the disc door and swaped it with the jap version of sonic cd at the title screen. When I started the game it worked fine and was playing the jap music in the order and way it goes in the game. How ever when i beat it when it was loading up the ending the sega cd reseted. I then did this again and tried it on visual mode. Sure enough, every fmv except the opening caused the sega cd to reset or freeze. If the rest of the game played fine and the music played in the order of the jap version, does this mean the ending and pencil test were programed different in the jap version? If so do you think it would be possible to swap the us tracks with the jap ones and burn a copy without problem?

p.s.: The reason i think that the jap ending might be programed differently is that i tried it with stm viewer and the jap ending had sound effects at the end for when he escapes with amy and destroys the deathstar that looks like eggman.
If the tracks are about the same length you can put different ones in they're place. So you should be able to burn the US iso but with the Japanese music.
well i put in the japanese tracks in place of the american ones and it worked perfectly.Only part where the us music plays is opening and ending as they are programed in the fmv, other than that,all jap music in right order and place. Finnaly I can play it in bliss!!
That's cool. I've experimented swapping tracks. Actually I wanted to play Snatcher and I didn't have all the audio tracks so I just filled it in with some MP3s I had on my harddrive. So when he's driving in his car, I heard Linkin Park. It was pretty sweet. But the video was programmed to play until the song ended so it took a few minutes instead of just a little while. But it was worth it.
I never played the Jap version, but I'd like to ask something:

Are the past musics the same in both versions? Since they are synths, much like genesis music, did SOA went into the trouble of making new ones?

(I know the Japanese version has an audiotrack that was supposed to belong to a removed level, much like Sonic2's Hidden Palace)
Yes past music is the same as it use gennesis sound and not red book audio ala sega cd sound. My guess why they didn't change past music for us since it would be too time consuming and the composer fover. (spencer neil i think is his name) probly wouldn't havr the us e made it sound better. As for the question about the # of jap tracks, it is suprisingly the same. I have thought of uploading my custom version on an ftp here since alot would want to play it with jap music instead.
If you want to get a FULLY working copy of REAL japanese Sonic CD, get the first 15 sectors (iso 2048) of the US version ISO (it's the first 32.768kbyte of the file) and implant on the JAP iso at your HD using the DC pirate tool IP insert ... That tool can be used for less indecent purposes than pirateing DC games ...

I did that with my JP Sonic CD ISO and it worked with EURO bios at Kega (I don't have the US sonic IP.BIN yet to test)
No ... The japanese version doesn't have anything written in japanese, if my memory doesn't betray me. It just makes the ending and opening movies have the same musics as the ones in the CD-Da tracks. The IP.BIN change is just to make the jap version work on a US sega CD. And be sure to TEST the iso in KEGA before burning to a CD. Just to be sure you won't end with a shinning brand new coaster in your collection ...
Ah, cool! And I don't have to worry about coasters. I made about 10 of them trying to get Snatcher to work (audio sync up problems).