Sonic The Hedgehog


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Sonic is, to say the least. Da Bomb.

I never had the privalege of actually owning a MegaDrive. But I used to go over a friend's house ALL the time to play it.

I loved how Sonic looked so real on the original. I was kinda disappointed by his look in Sonic 2, but Sonic 3's 3D appearance gave me something to enjoy. Strangely enough, I still prefer the original sonic look.

Raijin Z

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My first Genesis game too. I WATCHED people play other games, but those rich bastards would never let me play. I got Sonic with the Genesis I traded my NES +X-teen million games for. That trade didn't last because third parties, whom I will KILL given the chance, screwed the deal up.

Don Gloton

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I never liked Sonic 1. At that time, rumours of a new Nintendo game system were widely spread and I choose to wait and see. I´m glad I did.

However, many years later when the mod fever struck me, I understood what had happened. Sonic 1 PAL version was veeeeeeeeeeery slow. Everybody talked about that blue blur but in my opinion, the game was not very fast (at all) and of course, the screen had those two beautiful black gifts from the programmers for PAL megadrive owners.

When I modded my megadrive and turned it into a 60 Hz machine, I really discovered Sonic 1.

However, I must say that Sonic 2 DID strike me. The game was better converted and it was fast and addictive as hell. And how about it´s music?  


Sonic one was the shiznit! I remember playing that game in my baby sitters (who is now my cousin's wife) basement for hours on end. The music in the bounus stages stands out in my mind i love that music. Man sonic 1 is the bes tof all the sonics but damn it was just... well man it was perfect in everyway. One thing... the ONE thing i did not like was the feature to save whcich didn't come till sonic 3.


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Of the series, Sonic 2 was my absolute favorite. It took Sonic one and added an arguably better music score, better designed levels, even faster gameplay, 2 player vs. mode and the spin dash. It couldn't have gotten any better.

Sonic 3 tried to improve on it, but it was a bit much.

My favorite level is Sonic 2's chemical plant. Excellent track, and an outstanding level.


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ever notice that the older you get the faster time seems to go by.

i got my genesis abouth 6 months or a year after it's release

and it seemed like forever before sonic came out, but i guess it was pr'lly less than a year.

years are starting to just fly by now

guess it has something to do with the amount of time that has passed viewed as a percentage of your total existance


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sonic 2 had to be the pinnicle. like a previous post said, the 2 playr mode was incredibly fun, great music, better levels..

I used to play it at my babysitters house after school. Somedays they would make us go outside to play, although all i did out there was fake sick, go in and play sonic 2.. and earthbound