Source Code to SS ISO Country Converter

Anyone know where I could get the source code to that Sega Saturn Country Code Converter? I want to port it to MacOSX and Possibly MacOS9.

I am under the impression that tyranid does not read this forum... But anyway, if you try and convert an ISO and then run "fc -b oldiso.iso newiso.iso" in DOS, you'll find that the "conversion" only changes 1 byte of the file. It's normally 64 bytes into the start of the .ISO and its a letter (for example J changes to E ou U for european or american Saturn models)

The correct way to do it is to find the header, that begins with the "SEGASATURN" string. But I really don't have the documentation around here. Can anyone help?
It's not just that one byte; that's only one part of the change. The other part is changing the region signature, which is at offset 0xE00 of the disc image if I'm not mistaken. This area is a text string describing the region, examples (from memory, so these might not be 100% correct) include:




For ASIA PAL area.
Yeah, ExCyber is correct. I made that same mistake the first time as well.

Patching (the IP.BIN) for the DC is similar to this as well. IIRC, IP.BIN 4 WIN is what it's called; you can get it at boob.
Hn, weird. I could swear the second check is optional, since i used my converter allways ever since I built it and never got a bad burn... even with the description code wrong. Funny, eh?
Yup your right i dont read this forum, and yeah its mainly a one byte change however it is a good idea to change the id string as well as you never know. I dont use it any more since i got a par anyway.

If you actually want the source code i dont mind releasing it. Should compile easily under almost any o/s you care to mention.
Well, thanks for your response ^^. I'd love to see the source code, for example, to see if my converter ended up to be more advanced than yours :p
hey tyranid, could you send me an email with the source code attached? I emailed the address that you had on this board but it bounced back.

maybe takaissilly could send me his source code to. thanks...
Err point to note on that rls

Under dos i used conio for input, and under linux i just used the std fgets functions. however as the linux verison was only 1.1 and not 1.2 i modified the dos version to accomodate. however i forgot to remove the #include <conio.h> so you may want to kill that line before compiling :p
i got the code to compile under mac eariler, if you're interested.

it's a quick and dirty port, but it works.

thats mac os 9, btw - mac ppl can get it (if they dont want to compile themselves or login to my ftp) here

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Quote: from Bocmaxima on 7:04 pm on Jan. 14, 2002

Lockes port works like a dream, but where is the Aqua, just works grand under 8.6 as well

i'd hope it would . . . it's a simple sioux prog.

aqua? you'd have to wait till i finish the book on the mac toolbox and it's own extentions and such.