Special Sonic Charity eBay Auction


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there's a special Sonic the Hedgehog auction running on eBay by Sega and McDonalds.

Some info from the auction:

On June 27, SEGA and McDonald’s will launch the first ever interactive electronic Happy Meal toy and you can own the first set before they are available to the public. In addition, we have created only TWO silver plated SEGA/McDonald’s Happy Meal sets and are including one set as part of this package. You will also receive a copy of SEGA’s new “Sonic Adventure DX Director’s Cut” for Nintendo GameCube, before it launches, and MUCH MORE!

All proceeds of this auction will be matched by SEGA and then given to the Ronald McDonald House charity, so bid well and bid often!

The SEGA/McDonald’s Fun Pack is valued at more than $300, and contains the following:

* One standard set (six games in total) of the interactive electronic handheld games appearing exclusively in McDonald's Happy Meals this month.

* One silver-plated set (six games in total) of the SEGA/McDonald’s Happy Meal premiums – one of only two sets available to the public!

* A copy of “Sonic Adventure DX Director's Cut” for Nintendo GameCube before it releases!

* A copy of the just released “Sonic Pinball Party” for Game Boy Advance

* A framed picture of SEGA’s official mascot and the world’s favorite speedy blue hero, Sonic The Hedgehog, signed by his creator and president of world-renowned SONICTEAM development studio, Yuji Naka.

* A one-of-a-kind statue that is a faithful recreation of Sonic The Hedgehog.

(more listed on auction)

You can check out the auction here
Wow, that is sweet. To bad im not rich
I just want the statue and the signed poster-thing

(oh and the Sonic Pinball Party -- but I can get that anywhere)

the rest is just cluttery stuff
Is is not Sonic Pinball (for the gba) that is going to be a Target only promotion? Or am I thinking of something else?
Originally posted by Edge-`@Jun 3, 2003 @ 07:24 PM

Is is not Sonic Pinball (for the gba) that is going to be a Target only promotion? Or am I thinking of something else?

it is the one
What are those? Those look like those Tiger electronic handheld games from back in the day. I was hoping for little collectable figurines for decorative use. Ah well.