Spiderman!  May 3rd!

i liked the trailers shown in the movie theaters.the trailer shows some sweet scene where spider and mary are in some street when it's raining, and i can't help sounding like a 12yr old but #### it must have been cold in that street because mary's headlights were shinning mighty bright.
;) Maybe they were those fake little nipple thingies that you can get at the store. Haven't you seen those?

meh, might be the cold rain too! :)

Hope it's a cool movie.
I see nipples,
he did. Yeah.. it should already be out but the big climactic scene on the twin towers made them do a whole re-do of plot and sheot
redo the whole plot? WTFF are you talkin' about? They just had to change the action sequence. The twin towers scene just has spidey make a huge web to catch a helicopter.... that's it.

I have the twin towers clip.