i cant help but notice a certain anime movie called "spriggin" every time i go to my local record store, i am on the brink of forking out the cash for the DVD but before i do, i am going to restrain myslef and see what everyone else thinks of it.
Its a good rental.

Its kinda weird, but its still pretty cool. If you're a fan of Akira, you'll probably like it.. I sorta did, but if you are into anime that has mainly mechs in it.. its not for you.
This movie was ok... not really great at all. it is a TOTAL rip off of both metal gear solid and akria... especially Akira. Actually, it's like akira, only not as good with metal gear solid in there somehow. Don't buy this movie just... don't.
I thought this movie had some good animation, but story is piss-poor and most ppl here could come up with a better story. But if you don't mind a crappy story but good animation, then rent it don't buy unless its cheaper than the cost of the rental... but then again it will take up space in your room.

Rent it. If that. What i thought started off as a fairly decent anime proved to me i'm an ass for giving it a chance...I watched it midway, and lost all sense of interest. What, a spriggan french guy? Where the hell did you come from? Little kid with psychic powers...I'm not even gonna reply to that sarcastically.

It's just another run of the mill anime. Get Metropolis. Or better yet, Porco Rosso. Or Mononoke. Or Spirited Away. Or EVEN Bubblegum Crisis. Hell, if you want crap, get it fed to you the DBZ way. Have i stressed my point, or just exhausted it...?
the story was convoluted and pretty weak, but a lot of the animation is pretty cool, mostly in the action scenes. i'd say it's worth a watch/rent, but not a buy.