STAR WARS: Dream of the Rebellion

Eh, the only thing this has going for it is the Star Wars theme and assets ripped from the early Rogue Squadron games or wherever. The enemy patterns have no design, the level has no design, the control is super rigid, awkward and not at all fluid, immersing or fun like any half decent rail shooter (never mind the best of the genre). It's more limited than the rail shooting sections of FMV games like Rebel Assault, even though it's rendering in real time 3D. There's no sign of art, gameplay or game direction or know how. You just take advantage of naive Sega fans pretending you will be remaking/demaking and releasing games like MGS 1 & 2 etc. on their favorite platforms, which you never will using other people's engines that don't have a fraction of the capabilities of those games' engines. These tech demos only seem striking at a glance because of the stolen assets from games that you will never fully recreate or ape. Granted you never explicitly claim you will finish any of the already several "games" you have going but when anyone asks you wink and nod positively with words or icons or answer with a question like how bad do you want it guys and never come out to say the obvious truth like "no guys, it's just fun tech demos, most of the work seen here is by the people who made these awesome 3D engines and those awesome assets I ripped/got from elsewhere, little old me will never somehow cram the AAA games of yesteryear in these completely different engines and platforms without even having their source code or much knowledge and experience" as being honest like that would mean less patreon subs. Oh well, keep it up, if people really need these things to feel their favorite systems are special, as if their many amazing, existing games don't prove it already.

Edit: my mood is great and I'm living my best life, that has nothing to do with seeing these for what they are. If you wanna have a mood and ignore the signs I mention like the way he replies to the naive fans eagerly asking which of all these things he will complete/release, feel free to be naive yourself!
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Wow, someone is in a mood. This might be the rudest post I have ever seen on here. You're making a lot of bold accusations of Frogbull "taking advantage" of people, based on what? Because he made a few demos of large games that would take years to complete and would be DMCA'ed in an instant? Even something as simple as these demos takes a lot of work. It's one thing to question whether a full port of these games is feasible, but these personal attacks are completely uncalled for.

May the 4th be with you!