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Who here are fans of the TV series Stargate SG-1? I am to the extent of purchasing the season 1 boxset from the States, which I am just about to watch.

Show your support - the show has Macgyver (AKA Richard Dean Anderson) in it!
Yeah I luv Stargate SG-1.. been watching it since the programme started in the UK.

Although recently I havent been watching it as much as I used to.. But I do try and catch it when I can on Sunday's.
all i got to say is sg1 is ok but very retarded right now they totaly lost the original plot down the gutter

and if sg1 was compared to farscape it would be in the worse than monkey crap with a chery on top catagory

if you guys want to watch a good scifi show watch farscape or buy the dvds

sorry to the sg1 fanboys but i cant stand seeing things about how great sg1 is - if you guys were fans in the beginging (like i was) how can you not be upset at what they did to it
Yeah...sorry racketboy, I agree with Iceman about Farscape. I started watching that, missed a few episodes and completely lost the plot. ATM they are doing cool things on Stargate like breaking the alliance with Thor

Currently trying to hack my laptop's DVD so I can watch Stargate on the move.
I damn near fell off the chair when I saw Stargate mentioned here on SX... I'm a total SG-1 bitch myself lately... had an eye on the DVD sets but then discovered a DC++ hub where you can download seasons 1 through 5 in DVD-DivX quality with AC3 sound... My computer is too slow to watch any of it *sob* but I've been burning CDs like no tomorrow. LOL ... Soon - soon I shall have a speedier machine...
If you live in the USA or Canada, cable is still cheaper than the Season 1 (or 2) DVD set for SG-1.
hey i have the startrek encyclopedia and bunch of that stuff but don't you dare call me a trekkie i like sci fi its cool. oh how is enterprise going has it gone down the shitter?
I called you geeks at 4AM on a Sega messageboard, don't think I don't appreciate the irony in that
I think mal has the right of it.

It's a great show - I'm glad there are other people who love it as much as I.