Stranger problem..thanks for yur help!

Something I have recently ran into on a couple of games I burned is after you get into the game it will freeze..only 3 in particular that I can think of.. Nights will let you play through the 1st level and freeze.. Christmas nights will get up to the opening menu but when you press start to play the screen goes black and nothing comes up. Finally, in Bug I get to where it's says "Insectia Scene 1 Loading" and it just hangs there.. any ideas? every other game I have gotten to work..oh, Wipeout also did froze right after it passed the Sega logo in the begining. Any help would be great!!! Thanks guys

I know that both nights and christmas nights have a mode 1 and a mode 2 track so if that thing didn't come in a bin/cue file... you better have some made cuesheet-writing skills. I don't know about bug, but again, check to make sure the cue sheet and the rip iteself is ok.
Thanks for the help..I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the fact it's a bin file..whenever I user cdrwin 4.0 in XP and try to burn something from a cue the disc ends up not being able to be read after it burn so usually I can get away with using Discjuggler but I never looked at the cue until you said something. I'll try fireburner..maybe that'll work okay for me. Thanks again!
You can't read the disc after burning?

It might be you are using a 'black listed' serial number. That causes CDRWin to burn only dud CDs. It could be something else, but I don't know.

Also, use one of the earlier versions of CDRWin. The newest is 3.9A so I'm guessing what you have is a beta or something.

It's probably a beta for a reason.
I'm not a big CDRWin fan anyways ;] I loaded up the bug cue in Fireburner and the game works like a charm. Thanks again for the help guys. SegaXtreme brought my saturn back to life since I finally got my parents to get me one back in the day right before it was discontinued..makeing the good games hard to get..hehe I'm sure you guys can relate! There was so many good ones as well!