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It's a dumb question, but can anyone explain why Cody is a prisoner in Street Fighter Alpha 3? I can't seem to find any info on his back story.
He is from Final Fight and in that story he gets thrown in prison. Check out the Final Fight story. That's also where Guy comes from

Interesting story - my SegaCD version of Final Fight is scratched, so I can't actually see the ending (I get just the audio).

That's kind of strange though - is Mike Haggar the mayor? Wouldn't he have granted an official pardon or something? Am I reading into this too deeply? Yes I am! I'll take your word for it.
Capcom isn't renowned for making coherent storylines (in their fighting games). They probably threw him in jail for the fun of it.

Speaking of final fight....I don't remember cody was thrown in prison. The version I played (sega cd) years ago I remember.... (spoiler alert.....)

.....that in the ending haggar's daughter went up to kiss cody and guy gave him a few punches and left. Don't remember anything else........

(end of spoiler)
The following was taken from GameFAQs, Tiamat's SFA3 Plot Guide v1.7 (244 KB) last updated April 1, 2002.


Height: 185cm

Weight: 80kg

BWH sizes: B139, W86, H97

Blood type: O

Birthplace: America

Special Skill: Using a knife

Likes: Starting fights, Milk

Dislikes: Haggar's lectures

Fighting Style: Street Fighting

SFA3 Description and Situation: Cody used to be a hero, famous for saving Metro City. Bored with the peaceful life, he kept fighting, day and night.... Until he was jailed. One day, he managed to break out of prison. Wandering outside, he now seeks something that will satisfy him.

What He Did During SFA3: He probably ran into Rolento, but Rolento decided after seeing him in jail clothes that Cody wasn't really top material for Rolento's army. He probably ran into Guy, then Guy accepted that Cody had to live his own life, and they went their separate ways.

Where Is He Now: As implied by his SFA3 ending as well as officially stated by Capcom of Japan, he's basically still just wandering around doing useless things.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

Cody's girlfriend is Jessica, who is the daughter of Mike Haggar (and who's mother died before FF1). Of course, Cody played a part in bringing down Mad Gear but you really should know that by now.

So far, the apparent reason that Cody was thrown into jail was because of getting into so many fights. If you want to take FFR as canon, then you can say that from all that trouble Cody was getting into, it wasn't very hard for Poison of Mad Gear (from Final Fight) to frame him and get him thrown into the slammer. In FFR, Poison seems to have had a thing for Cody. By the way, Poison is a guy. Even though he looks like a girl (No, I'm not talking about the male version of Poison named Sid or whoever that they put into the censored version of Final Fight for the Super Nintendo). You can know this by listening to Poison's voice in the uncensored versions of Final Fight. It's obviously a guy trying to imitate a girl's voice (and it makes me laugh whenever Poison 'dies'. What a scream... >
). All About Capcom hints that storylinewise, he MIGHT have gotten a sex change by FFR, however (hopefully so, since 'she' seems to have a thing for Cody in that game...). I don't mean that he got breasts (he already had those). I mean that he got his... erm... thing removed by Final Fight Revenge. By the way, Poison has breasts because... well, he's a new-half. Japan does this to transvestites pretty often. James in the uncensored version of Pokemon Episode 18 has very realistic breasts for example while he pretends to be a girl (there's your fact of the day that you didn't need to know).

The guy who arrested Cody was Edi. E. A large burly police sargent who used to be aligned with Mad Gear (and used corruption and the alliance to rise up the police officer ranks of Metro City) but according to Final Fight Revenge, isn't a member ever since Mad Gear went down in Final Fight 1. You can see Edi. E sometimes when Cody wins in SFA3. Cody will look off to the side, scream, then run away while Edi. E runs onto the scream, screams "Get back here!", shoots his gun into the air, then continues running after Cody. One of my more favorite victory animations. ^_~ On an off topic note, Edi. E has a really cool super move in Final Fight Revenge where he slams into you with his police car. Erm, anywaaaaay...

Edi E's bio, by the way.

Height: 204cm

Weight: 145kg

Birthplace: America

Special Skills: Shooting

Likes: Rare steaks

Fighting Style: Police training

As an example of how much trouble Cody got into, Gunloc (of Saturday Night Slam Masters) once had a thing for Cody's girlfriend Jessica, so Cody kicked the crap out of him.

Cody's fighting style is similar to Joe of SF1's fighting style, if anyone cares. There is no real storyline reason for this (though both are literal American street fighters, so it'd be logical that they'd have similar styles).
I must've looked at the wrong SFA3 section. Or didn't notice it at all. In any event, that's incredibly stupid. But I suppose we don't play these games for the storyline.

So then, why isn't Mike Haggar in the game? Too much like Zangief? No... that wouldn't make sense, there are four Ryu type players there already...
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I must've looked at the wrong SFA3 section. Or didn't notice it at all. In any event, that's incredibly stupid. But I suppose we don't play these games for the storyline.

So then, why isn't Mike Haggar in the game? Too much like Zangief? No... that wouldn't make sense, there are four Ryu type players there already...

Hagar is supposed to be in the upcoming Capcom All-Stars game
Originally posted by racketboy@Nov. 19 2002, 8:12 pm

Hagar is supposed to be in the upcoming Capcom All-Stars game

Can't wait for that one.. Anything with Strider in is fine by me. Just hope it gets a Gamecube port.
The following was also taken from GameFAQs, Tiamat's SFA3 Plot Guide v1.7 (244 KB) last updated April 1, 2002.

Akuma (Gouki in Japan)

Height: 178cm

Weight: 80kg

BWH sizes: B118, W84, H86

Blood type: Unknown

Birthplace: Unknown

Special Skill: Unknown

Likes: Unknown

Dislikes: Unknown

Fighting Style: Ansatsuken

SFA3 Description and Situation: Akuma... The supreme master of the fist. This lone warrior is a wanderer, shrouded with "evil intent"... He searches for challengers with enough potential to kill.

What He Did During SFA3: Akuma spent SFA3 looking for a worthy challenger. He found Gen by the end of SFA3, apparently. The outcome hasn't been stated, though Gen's ending does show hints that Gen won. At any rate, Akuma's still hoping for worthy opponents and training afterwards, regardless.

Where Is He Now: As shown by SF3, Akuma waits for Ryu to get better to become a worthy match or to find a worthy match out there. Akuma himself is always training, also.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

Surprise! Akuma's fighting style is NOT shotokan. He's an Ansatsuken fighter (ditto for Ken and Ryu, except they use a style of Ansatsuken that's been toned down in terms of lethal killingness). Shotokan is a mistranslation by Capcom of America, and in fact the 'shoto-scrubs' as some people like to call them fight nothing like the real-life style of Shotokan. Just like how Blanka fights nothing like Capoeira. Strange Capcom of America.

Akuma's brother is Gouken. His master (as well as Gouken's master) was Goutetsu. You can see Gouken and Goutetsu in Akuma's SFA2 ending. Goutetsu's the older more wrinkly looking one. Akuma fought and killed Gouken while Ryu was fighting in the SF1 tournament. He fought and killed Goutetsu, too.

Goutetsu, who invented the arts of Hado, Shoryu, Tatsumaki, and Shungokusatsu, taught the Shun Goku Satsu (Instant Hell Murder) to both Akuma and Gouken. Gouken, however, disliked killing and didn't teach it to Ken or Ryu, instead teaching them a toned down version of Ansatsuken. Capcom of USA changed the storyline and stated that Goutetsu hid away the secrets of the Shun Goku Satsu, but that's not true.

Ryu didn't see Gouken battle his brother Akuma. Gouken's daughter saw it, but she disappeared after that. Gouken's daughter has no official name (though Ryu and Ken called her 'Little Miss'). There are two official arts of her, though they differ greatly from each other so it's hard to tell which one's supposed to be correct. Ken also arrived near the end of the battle and was able to witness it. The fact that Gouken had a daughter seems to have been forgotten by Capcom and thus will probably never resurface (the official arts of her come from ooooooold official sources and you can't find the fact that Gouken has a daughter except in really old sources, too. Capcom probably didn't even finalize what she is supposed to look like, considering that the two official arts of her look completely different from each other).

From Saiki: What happens during the shungokusatsu is that they go to hell? The demons in hell will attack the person even if they're sin free or not. They're demons, they'll go at anything. But with evil characters, their past sins will also haunt on top of the demons attacking them for that split second. Gen survives this because he empties his spirit, heart and mind. "Onore wo mu ni suru". "Mu" means emptiness, nothingness. One of the reasons why Gouken has the kanji "Mu" on his back. It's really not about how strong the person is but how tuned and focused they are with their mind and soul.

The user is in danger during the Shun Goku Satsu, too, if he isn't prepared. Both the user and the target go to hell. Canonwise, Ryu and Sakura have never done the Shun Goku Satsu.

Evil Intent is a mistranslation. It's supposed to be Killing Intent. There's a significant difference regarding the symbolicry of Akuma and Ryu's relationship if you know this.

Akuma doesn't become Shin Akuma. Akuma IS Shin Akuma, except that he holds back punches and uses only a small percent of his power. He does this because he doesn't want to unnecessarily kill anyone who he feels aren't out to kill him in the first place.

Gouken had the character "Mu" which means "nothing", "naught" on his back. Akuma has the character for "Heaven" on his back, but this can also be interpreted as "Beyond human" which is most likely the correct interpretation. According to some Japanese myths, the bearer of this symbol is said to be immortal.

The Kanji letter "Ki" in Gouki`s name doesn't actually mean "ghost" or "demon". it means "Oni". Oni in Japanese is the imaginary monster that looks like a horned human. In Japan it is also believed that human or human’s spirit can turn to Oni when they’re extremely obsessed with hatred, anger or vengeance.

Akuma may be evil by our moral standards (he killed his teacher and brother), but he is not evil by his own ethical code. His code is the harsh code of the absolute warrior. He had no qualms killing his teacher and brother because he killed them in fair one-on-one combat. It didn't matter who they were; the field of battle does not distinguish between friend or foe. And he only fights and kills those who call themselves warriors and trains in fighting; he doesn't go around killing defenseless normal people.

Akuma's island is named Gokuentou. It hasn't been stated whether or not his cave stage in SFA3 is on Gokuentou or if Akuma destroyed Gokuentou at the end of SFA2.

Akuma seeks to awaken Satsu no Hadou in Ryu at the end of SFA2, because he sees Ryu's potential and realizes that, powered by the killing intent, Ryu will be a worthy opponent for him. For more and how this ends, see Evil Ryu's bio.

I'm inclinded to believe that Akuma was heavily inspired by the EGM April Fools joke made-up uber shotokan character, Sheng Long (who doesn't actually exist. Sheng Long is Chinese for Dragon Punch, IE, Shoryuken ^_~ And of course Gouken is Ryu and Ken's master, not Sheng Long). Akuma, besides also being an 'uber shotokan', jumping in and killing Bison out of no where like Sheng Long does in EGM's faked pictures is a heavy indication of this.
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Hagar is supposed to be in the upcoming Capcom All-Stars game

Can't wait for that one.. Anything with Strider in is fine by me. Just hope it gets a Gamecube port.[/b][/quote]

Yeah I'm hoping so too since that's the one I'm looking into getting (maybe after the next price drop)