Streets of Rage DC Video

According to the newest issue of Sega World Weekly: sometime during the day a video of an un-released Dreamcast title will go online at Gaming Age. That title is: Streets of Rage! Quite why the game was never released remains a mystery at the time of writing, but never the less this will certainly be a video worth checking out.

There was a discussion about this a while back... it had to do with SOA not wanting to do another Streets of Rage game - instead we got Zombie Revenge (a fighter / beat-em up / Resident Evil hybrid).

But I'd love to see this video. There's rumours that it might go to the Xbox, but who knows.
It seemed like it was pretty well along as far as mechanics and worlds go. One could only imagine how the game would have looked had they pursued the completion of the game. Why the hell would SOJ ask for SOA's approval for anything? After all, SOA did sortof drop the ball on the DC.

Anyways, SOR4: It's like Shinobi meets Final Fight - that combo system is awe-inspiring. This looks like it could have easily been the best beat 'em up, ever, period. The team attack is pretty cool, although looks a bit hard to actually do, but who knows.

The first person mode isn't as goofy as I expected it to be; it's like Doom using your fists. The game moves a lot faster than I expected in that mode. What I don't understand (and probably never will) when one can use which mode, or if it's selectable (like QIIIA).

Before I was just slightly irritated that it wasn't developed fully - now looking at it, I'm not sure why SOA canned it, seeing as how only a 10% completed game looks like it'd be more fun than Die Hard Arcade 2 or Zombie Revenge. So diehard fans got screwed twice - no SOR title for the Saturn or the DC.

Hopefully it does see the light of day, someday.
I realize it is the "wrong system" but Streets Of Rage is comming out for PS2 some time soon. It is a TBA for right now so I would say late 2003 or 2004. I know it will definately be in Japan but not certain about the US.
Man.. What was SOA thinking!!  
  I use to play SOR1 and SOR2 to death everyday..
 Anyone remember doing the double team jab of death bug in SOR2?  Drains tons of power from anyone even bosses..
Hmmmmm :-/ Wish it would of came out..........oh well. Hope it comes out for sumthin besides PS2. Hopefully GCN....just cuz I like it better and dont want to M$ with another SEGA title.
Originally posted by chakan@Jan. 23 2003, 12:28 am

PS2 Streets of Rage is supposed to be a remake of the original, not a brand new game.

I'll still take that -- I'm just not buying a PS2
i think the xbox can only realy do justice for streets of rage

the GC can to but not the ps2 -- even though im looking to buy a ps2 i dont like seeing the loss of potential of sega games on it -- example i think PDO would suck on ps2 (to a degree)

just my 2 cents

BTW has ne1 compared wreckless on the ps2 to the wreckless on xbox (just curious)
I haven't BUT you really can't compare games on dif systems anymore...usually the first one they make is the best cuz they rush the ports. Not like the old 16-bit days where you could compare cuz they actually took time on the game. I have both a XBox AND a GCN, I perfer my cube over the box.....the box is half-way faulty (doesn't read cds sumtimes, in the middle of the game it will say it can't read it,even w/ new games). The PS2 I do agree would be the worst console to put the game on. If just for the controller, the GCN would have the best setup for a beat-em up game. The big A button for main attacks then the other 3 for different attacks. I think it would be a badass setup, but that's ust me.
Man, this game woulda kicked serious ass (pardon the pun) if it had been completed.... do the people at SOA think that fun doesn't sell or something? :huh

and BJammzz-I have had my xbox since day 1, have dropped it on several occasions, left it on almost 24/7 and not once have I had a problem with it....sounds like you got a faulty one, send it to M$ or something.