Stupid mp3 programs...


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Ok, i downloaded virtua cop two and i got it in iso +mp3 format, but i want music match to open the files. Instead, real player wants to open them. The epic battle for the mp3's goes on. How do i get music match to open them instead of real player?
Open up Windows Explorer.

Go to Tools->Folder Options.

Click the "File Types" tab.

Find .MP3 in the list and click it.

Click the "Change" button.

Select MusicMatch from the app list.

It's possible that RealPlayer is set up to "reclaim" file associations. If so, you'll need to turn that off. It's somewhere in the RealPlayer options/preferences, but I don't have RealPlayer installed on this computer so I can't tell you where...
Ok that worked for th emost part, but virtua cop 2 came in iso+mp3 with .r00, .r01 etc. The files in the rar archives are still real player.I know i have to extract them and all is solved, but it's a bitch to extract every file i download cause it's unnecasry. Is there a way to get it to change every mp3 on my HD?
It's my mom's... but i do have another question. DO i need to mp3-wav them or does cdrwin do that on the fly?
I believe CDRWin will do them on the fly.

However, I have a dinosaur PC and decode first, so I don't know how well it works.
Ok so i went ahead and converted them anyway. Got my iso, got wavs. just gotta make my cue sheet and... and... I WILL HAVE MADE MY FIRST SUCCESSFUL BURN! Friken old burner didn't even work... had to dish out 300 for a new one.
Well it only cost 150, but i bought a shit load of cdr's and some better burning software than what i got now.
Best of luck with the burning Gallstaff.

Does this mean we'll see some questions about swapping and modboards soon?
SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIBBBBBBBBBBYYYYYYYYYYY! it worked... i think. Does virtua cop two have any sound when you select options, new game, or the other thing in the title screen? Cause there was no music or anything. Then when i got to the first level there was music, but i only played the game for a fraction of a second because i found out my gun sucks major ass.
After it has loaded the title screen a voice says 'Virtua Cop 2'.

There's music with the 'attract' FMV.

There's no music with the options screen.

There is music at the level select screen.

Does that help?