Stupid Windows CE problem

Ok. No one on the HPC message boards know, so I am bringing it here because you are the smartest people I know...

I plug in a Samsung CompactFlash Card into my HandHeld PC (Mobile Pro 750c with Windows CE 2.0).

I check out system properties: under General/System... I see the card is recognized. "System: Expansion Slot: CF-008MB"

I check the manual. I have the box and all the manuals for everything. It has 3 pages dedicated to Compact Flash cards. All it says is how to insert and remove the card! DUH! Really, You have to see it... Here's a copy of the manual. It's on page 46. :bs Are they crazy? "Insert card with finger tips."

So now what? How the heck do I save to the card or read it. There appear to be no options to actually access the card from any program or the explorer. Anyone know how this works? Does the card need to be formatted? If so, how? What should I do now?

Sorry, for being off topic again.