sudden freezes in burnt games

hi. i burnt copies of fi challenge and virtual on.

fi freezes and the cd stops spinning after i select a track and virtual on randomly freezes at the beginning of a game (in an actual level)

i never added the audio to these games i just burnt the main game data without audio tracks. is this why they mess up ?
i dont know 100% as i am new to the sega saturn and still trying to find my feet..

but at a good guess i would say YES...

ps why would you burn a game with no audio ?
thanks for the reply ajnin

well because on a 56k line i get lazy so i only get the main iso and usually add some of my tunes instead but i decided to just burn it like that. it worked fine with a bunch of other games (with no audio tracks) like duke nukem n stuff.
Some games need audio, some don't. The ones that need CD audio will attempt to look for the tracks and crash if they are not found.

In addition, some games need the audio files to be the exact lengths of the original, so you'd be best off downloading the proper audio files.
also, if you burned the disc poorly that could play a key role in it not working properly. For instance if your multi-tasking while burning or burning at a speed to high for the discs, or even using cheap media that your burner or Sega Saturn might not like could cause the problems you are explainging, try tweaking the Saturn to read CD-RW's and maybe you can find out the problem that way...
well. i do tend to multitask. i think the virtual on might be a bad burn or bad iso. but i think fi challenge is an audio problem. i burnt it 2 and its still messed up. i have gotten the audio and will burn it once i purchase more cds. how do we tweek the saturn to read cdrw'S? i always burn on normal cdr. does the saturn not read cdrws with simply a mod chip?
There's anecdotal evidence that 'tweaking' the laser intensity to allow the reading CDRWs will shorten the life of the Saturn.

Just be aware of that before you do anything.

A mod chip will let you play back up or copied games on CDR, but CDRWs have a much lower relectivity than CDs or CDRs, hence the need to turn up the intensity of the laser.

If you want to go ahead, the instructions are here.
thanks for the info. i don't think it's worth it though. i have 2 saturns but i like to keep them both in good shape and i want them to last long.