Suggested games?

My fried recently gave me his old N64 and I've been enjoying Conker since.

What else would you guys recommend? I already have Super Mario 64 and I will eventually be grabbing Zelda OOT. AAA titles only, please. :)
I mean triple A+ titles...You know, the games that define a system. Would you buy an Xbox without Halo? Or a PS2 without GTA3, or a Genesis without a Sonic. The creme de la creme of games on that system.
Don't forget about Paper Mario, StarFox 64, Super Smash Brothers, & Mario Kart 64...

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DEFINATELY get Excitebike 64. One of those rare instances where a classic 2d game was improved in the move to 3d. Mario Golf is great even if you're not into golf, which I'm not. Ogre Battle 64 sounds amazing too, but it never came out here and I've never gotten around to importing it..
1. Goldeneye

2. Zelda: Majoras Mask

3. Starfox 64

4. Maro Kart 64 (Best played with friends).

5. Mario 64

6. Sin and Punishment (if your willing to import)

I would also like to note a few things:

1. Dont get Perfect Dark if you get Goldeneye, or vise versa, as they are virtualy the same game (some of PD's levels are 100% replicas from those in Goldeneye for crying out loud!). The main difference is the theme, so chose which you get based on which type you'd rather play: sci-fi world or secret agent durring soviet times. Oh, and yes, you can all commense to flame me now for saying thier too similar sense I know that alot of people will want to defend PD.

2. If you have a Gamecube you might want to get the version of Oot for that instead as its easier to come by, has slightly better grafics, and will probably cost less, then the Nintendo 64 version.

3. Super Smash Bros is a wonderful game, but its sequil is better, so get that instead.

4. Both f-Zero and Excitebike got mixed reviews when they came out, thus I wouldn't call them AAA titles. The new F-Zero GX(i think thats what its being called...) is looking quite good though, try that if you want F-zero goodness in 3D when it comes out.

5. Also, I wouldn't call it a AAA game, but Diddy Kong Racing was a game I found to be alot of fun back when it came out.
I think f-zero is a really good game. There is tons to unlock and tons of tracks. The only thing i wish it had was multiplayer on the battle race thing. And as for PD and goldeneye, i would say depends on what you want the game for. If you just want it for multiplayer, i would go with PD. If your into the single player campaigns though, both of those are very unique and warrant the purchase of both games if you ask me.
Not a big fan of f-zero.....excite bike is a good buy IMO. Check out Harvest Moon 64 (sounds dumb, amzaingly great game though) and Jet Force Gemini (one of the best N64 games IMO....highly underated and you can get it for liek 5 buck....cartridge only mind you)