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While this is a tech/burning help topic, I thought it'd be better if it had some high visibility to the SX public (as most posts are made in here). I'm sure it'd be appreciated by a few people here, at least. Anyways,

Much like a review repository, or FAQ repository, how about a Cue Sheet repository?

With more people seemingly simply burning games rather than (*ahem*) buying them, it could alleviate the stress of both parties: the helper and the helped.

Also, there was a thread regarding burning Snatcher properly to work with gens... a specialized cue sheet section, etc.

Just a thought. =)
yeah snatcher is a real bitch... i like you're idea tho, as that's what most newbs actually sign up with sx for in the first place.
why do u need that? Just make a text file.........Not hard at all. When I was a newb I did it in my first try, and I am not exactly what you would call comp. literate.
- They are fairly easy to make, however, some people (including myself) have run into bins w/o cues. And as a 'newbie', it could be fairly frustrating.

- Simply as a resource. That's all.
Quote: from JCTango on 10:06 pm on April 9, 2002

cue sheets are relatively easy to make.. just get the cuesheet maker.

Yeah that's right. With CUE maker is #### easy to make a CUE.

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as far as snatcher goes, i burned it correctly on my first try, even with having to make the cue myself...btw i think i got snatcher from area 51, and if you want, i might be able to post it on my ftp, whattaya think?