Ive thought about it some time, that there really isn´t any page only concentrating on Saturn programming, putting up docs, tutorials, files, and so on. For some years ago there was one, but it dissapeared. What i wonder is, is there anyone who wants a page like that? Since i planned to make one if someone would use it. There isn´t all to much material about Saturn programming, thus, it would be great to have it all on one place. What do you think?
Antime already has a website with saturn SGL docs, and some more stuff here

However, if you want to make another one.. go ahead, one more page wouldn't hurt, but make sure you put more things there than antime's has in is site, otherwise, I think we don't need two sites with the same stuff...


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It could be interesting if there were some code samples and some tutorials. For example, on my first prog. I didn't find how to get filenames to open them I used a little trick to avoid this pb (file name from 0001 to 9999).

Also it's very hard to find a tool which makes a suitable DXF for Saturn, in fact in order to create a MDL file.

With all these kind of help I hope many people will try to program something running on a Saturn(maybe we could make a demo contest).


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I like the idea of having tutorials as well. I remember getting my first program to run was a BITCH. If you need help let me know.
hehe I guess those 8 million posts by Iceman2k, came from situations like this... (double posting). lol

Well... Some saturn demo programs coulb be really great for anyone that wants to start dev. for saturn!


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If you guys could get me all the docs and files and junk for saturn development I might be able to start on a new section.

Either post a link or email them to me at

If you want to help me work on this new section pm me.

The sooner we get this up the sooner I can start the contest with Saturn prizes

ICQ = 47171113

AIM = IceMan2ka
That sounds great! That would help all programmers a lot. An FAQ would also be good to have, to answer the most common questions like How do i program the Saturn? and Where can I find Saturn C and SGL?

Saturn demo contest? Fantastic idea! Count me in!
You have finished the 3rd one? Can´t you put it up? I would love to get it. All Saturn programming i know have i learned from your tutorials
That would help me a lot!
They're not finished, yet ^^; Mainly the samples I was creating didn't work on the real saturn... I'll see if I can put up a beta version of the tutorials this winter vacations.


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Beta Dev page...

Dev Page

Suggestions/comments post below!

Might make a page for each part of the Dev page (ex docs, tools, example programs, libraries, etc..) since antime's page which I am taking some of the info off of is HUGE!!!!
Looks great!

I found some other stuff that you could put up on it here :

Here is a homemade Saturngame, maybe you could put the source up if you ask the author.

Here is Reinhart´s Saturndev page. I helped him draw some sprites, but i haven´t heard from him for a while.

Another Saturn devpage with some interesting files :

This page hasn´t been updated for a while but it has some interesting files :

Here is also some great stuff :

A japanese page with some Saturn docs :

Here are some other interesting Saturn stuff :

Then, there is the Stardust source :

And here is loads of usefull stuff :

The Phoenix emu and that :

Ouch, thats many links. Now i remember why i wanted all stuff on one page at the beggining
Yes, and finally, could you please put up my small coding example. It just displays an X-Mas greeting, but i does work on a real Saturn.

Daniels Saturn X-Mas Greeting v0.02

Hope this helps something!


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With all those links I dont think I will ever be finished.

Maybe I'll put it up tonight or tommorow with what I have so far and just update it a little each day

Daniel Eriksson, I put up your program
I am shure it will be great. Tell me if you need some more links :
: Also, thanks for putting up my program. Sadly, i don´t have the source. I lost it when my harddrive crashed. But i´ll see if i can write some other code examples.