Suggestions for Turbo Duo games

Hey Guys,

I'm looking for suggestions on what titles I should get for my american duo. I've order Ys 1&2, and I'm thinking about getting Cosmic Fantasy 2, Valis 3, and Ys 3. I know the system is awesome for shmups (I have Gate of Thunder) but primarily I'm looking for some good RPG/Action-Rpg titles.

Also.... Does anyone have a copy of Beyond Shadowgate they'd be willing to sell? Thanks.
If you like Dragon Quest Dragon Slayer Legend of Heroes 1 is good, plus it's in english. Besides the story Cosmic Fantasy 2 really isn't that good.

The only other english RPGs that you can get are Cadash on hucard and Exile 1 and 2 on cd format. all 3 are kind of so so but if you can get them cheap they might be worth it. All can be beat in about 3 or 4 hours each. There also is Dynastic Hero which is really Wonder Boy in Monster World for the Genesis. There is a a US version but it's the rarest title for the system. There also is Dungeon Explorer 1 and 2 if you like those but the second one is kind of rare and expensive.

If you don't mind import titles these are all good ones.


Y's 4

Legend of Xanadu 1

Legend of Xanadu 2


Xak 1, 2

Xak 3(english patch version avilable)

Fray Xak Gaiden

Popful Mail

normal RPGs

Dragon SLayer Legend of Heeroes 2

Emerald DragonFar East of Eden

Gulliver Boy

Seiyu Monogatari

Star Breaker

I wouldn't bother with Beyond Shadowgate unless you can get it really cheap. It generally sells for over $100.00
If you don't mind Japanese games, you can also get Cosmic fantasy 3 for around $10 on ebay usually, and it will play on a US turbo duo. Neutopia 1 and 2 are pretty nice zelda clones (think nes version of zelda 1, both hu-cards). They fluxuate in price. Double dungeons and dungeon explorer are pretty fun hu-cards, because they support multitap. Dungeon master was released in the US for the duo. AD&D Order of the griffen on the hu-card. Those two games, most people shun, because they are quite different than a lot of your typical rpgs. They are games you might expect to play on a PC, with a mouse, rather than a controller.

I really don't know many more US releases, but there are a ton of japanese duo cds that will work on an american duo. If you have no fluency in the language, it will take a couple hours to learn the menus and how to get around, fighting, spells, etc in cosmic fantasy 3, and I guess each other game has its various demands of Japanese, some you probably could never learn without knowing it, while others, it's easy to intermediate.

My key for getting really far in cosmic fantasy stories for the sega mega cd, with no Japanese knowledge, was to do what you'd normally do in any dragon warrior type of game: Talk to everyone in the villages, explore everywhere, level up, buy the best weapons and armor with each new village, and if you get stuck somewhere in between, go back and talk to everyone again, and just make sure you've explored everywhere, and you usually achieve the desired results. The only minus to that I see is that you miss most of the story line, if not all.