Originally posted by Sundance@Aug. 13 2002, 4:10 am

All I've seen it do is take up a ton of my RAM.

I see two instances of this running in Task Manager (Windows 2000 Pro), taking up a total of 9,612 KB of RAM. That doesn't seem like a ton of RAM to me (384 MB here). How much RAM does your machine have?
The amount of memory taken depends on what tasks are run under it. As the KB article explains, it serves as a host for .dll-based processes.
Thanks. Anyway, the damn thing took up around 110 megs last night for whatever reason (and kept climbing), then I got a virtual memory error.

Also, to answer you questions, I have 384 megs also.
WOHOOOO. I figured it out. Turns out that when I installed my Virus and Firewall protection, I also installed an Internet Security program. This would apparently then cause the SVCHOST for the Local System to grab any free RAM it could (within 1 hour it had grabbed 170 megs). I mearly uninstalled it and the problem is fixed.