switch for swap trick on model 1?

okay, i tried adding a toggle switch to my saturn so i could easily do the swap trick(spdt switch) and i thought i got it on the right pins, but every time i turn the power on, the disk doesnt spin up and it just boots to the menu and says "drive door open"

am i screwed?
It means your "toggle switch" is not working. Did you test it while your Saturn was still opened up? Your Saturn is supposed to think that the CD door lid is always closed no matter whether or not it is actually closed or open.
another update.

the switch doesnt work, its just a little spdt toggle switch on the side of the saturn. its acting as if the saturn is always closed no matter which way the switch is fliped.

even if i disconnect the switch and seperate the wires, it still says its closed.

the place i soldered the wireing at on the motherboard is not touching each other either, so i dont know what the problem is:(