taking my dc online

I have looked at alot of places online for a few ISP to use with my DC but they are either long distance for me or you have to use extra programs with juno etc.

Does anyone know of where I can just get lists of access numbers or a free ISP to use that has been proven to work?
Seriously what would possess you to say smartass just to piss me off? He asked if anyone knew an ISP to use with his dreamcast, the few he's looked at were either long distance or not what he wanted to use so maybe he hadn't thought about using his own ISP, well now maybe he'll look to see if his ISP does offer an alternative dial-up number. I didn't act like a prick to him so what's up with the attitude towards me?
www.dreamcastfun.com has a list of what you would need to get online using your dreamcastr. if you cannot get online from the info tat they ahve provided I guess you wll just have to pay to get your dreamcast conline using a pay ISP. Sorry. and I hope this post helps.
the only other options available to you is to either use the bba (if you can find and afford one) or try the dc>pc connection by hooking 2 modems together (look on google for dreamcast pc server) if you have a broadband connection on the pc

the last option is more of a desperation measure though
Well, I have used Juno to get on the internet with my dc, here is how i did it..., first get a program called dialguard, then sign on using juno's program and dialguard will give you the real username and password for juno, then you can get on without juno's program or get on using your dreamcast, just search google for "Dialguard", it isn't very hard to find.