any way we could put together a comprehensive list of which sega cd (and some saturn i've found like 3wonders) require TAO, require DAO, or just plain dont care? It seems all the working designs games (lunars and vay) i've tried require TAO..

i thought if i just burned all my sega cd poop in TAO it'd be fine.. i was wrong.. a handful didnt work until i reburned em with SAO mode in fireburner.. some more still until i used DAO w/cdrwin (and the sega cue maker)..

and here's a cupple of sega cd titles i cant seem to get to work at all.. any tricks y'all know of, lemme know..

Road Rash, Wonder Dog
wonderdog can be burnt tao or dao, doesn't matter, my copy works fine off iso/mp3.

SAO and DAO are identical since you only burn a single session anyways.

TAO is only needed for WD games, as far as I know.