A person I know bought an used NEOGEO CD-Z for US$30!!! It came with 12 games. The only disadvantage is that he didn't get original controllers; but crappy home-made "arcade" ones.

This thing really pisses me off (since I wanted it for me; but that son of a bitch were faster than me), so I want to let you know to piss off some of you :)

By the way, how hard can it be to repair a cartridge NEOGEO console? Some guy is selling me one for US$40 with 3 old games; but the unit doesn't work (he claims it just need to have its power system replaced; but I have to check it for myself).
repairing it is as hard or easy as repairing any other system.. if it's completely dead and replacing the power supply doesn't help, it's prolly not worth bothering with. if the original PSU is a 10 V one (there's 2, 5 and 10 V, for different revisions), a genesis 1 PSU will work.