Temporary poll...

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Looks good so far
Why not?

If it ends up sucking badly, it can always go the way of the bitching forum.
what's wrong? it says I already voted, but I didn't.

also, i noticed that it has 66.67% yes and 33.33% no.

is this weighted in favor of yes
You clicked on the view results button. This registers a null vote meaning you can't vote again.
I had no idea what this was for at first and I accidently hit no instead of yes. I meant yes so put 1 more for yes and 1 less for no
I think this idea would best be implimented (should you feel inclined to divulge information about yourself) by creating a small web page about yourself and linking to it in your sig or your profile or something.
Hey, great. I've voted yes.

When I suggested this idea, I meant to follow up to say that I'd be willing to help out if any help is needed. Thanks.
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